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Component reactive sealant

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May we introduce a world first to the sealant market! Botament RD 1 Universal is the very first multifunctional reactive sealant in the world that comes as a single component in one container! As usual, the devil lies in the detail: thanks to the innovative single component formula any cumbersome mixing up of several components on site is now a thing of the past! This means you no longer need electricity on site, giving you considerable time-savings as work can commence right away. From basement waterproofing to intermediate sealing under screeds right down to fixing protection and insulation boards - Botament RD1 Universal is extremely versatile in its use - excellent news for professionals and handy DIYers alike.

- Waterproofing of new builds
- Base sealing
- Balcony & terrace sealing
- Sprayability
and repairs Landscaping construction

Technical Data Sheet & Safety Data Sheet available on request.